Discounted vouchers

discounted purchase

From December 20th, 2023 to December 26th, 2023 we offer discounted vouchers. This means that you pay a reduced amount but receive the full voucher value.

With the code Christmas15 you get a 15% discount on all vouchers.

Shortly before Christmas we had so many orders that we had to significantly increase our delivery times. Many customers were therefore no longer able to buy a thread picture.

We would like to apologize to these customers and therefore offer the opportunity to give away a voucher. This means that the recipient can choose their motif at their own leisure.

The vouchers are available here: Gift vouchers


The vouchers can be redeemed from January 1st, 2024. If a cheaper thread picture is purchased, the remaining credit can be redeemed for another purchase. If a more expensive thread picture is purchased, the remaining amount can be paid.