Delivery before Christmas

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Current delivery situation

Since we are currently receiving an extremely large number of orders and can only produce a fixed number of images each day, we have to continually adjust the production times.

Currently only pictures with express production are being sent before Christmas , the regular shifts are completely booked. For detailed information about the shipping process, please visit our shipping page.

The configurator calculates the valid shipping date every day, which is the latest on which we hand over the package to DHL. By activating the express option, the picture comes to our night shifts and is sent earlier.

WireStyle is taking a company holiday in January and will start sending pictures again on January 15, 2024 at the latest.

This page is revised every day and adapted to the current situation. Last updated December 18, 2023

Package delivery time

Normally DHL only needs a few days for delivery. Shortly before Christmas, however, DHL may become overloaded; unfortunately we have no influence on this.

Parcels to Germany will probably arrive by Christmas if shipped by December 21st, 2023. If you ship by December 22nd, 2023, it can still work, as DHL officially states a 1-day package delivery time, but this is not guaranteed. Parcels to neighboring countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France or Italy must be sent in advance. The exact timing depends on many factors. Here we rely on DHL and have no influence on the package delivery time.

DHL announces the current delays per country here:

You will receive an email with the tracking link immediately after shipping. You can check where your package is every day.