20 Euro Loyalty Discount Code

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Most WireStyle customers are loyal repeat customers or come to us based on personal recommendations. We think this needs to be rewarded!

That's why we're now including a 20 euro loyalty discount code with every order. This discount code can then be used for a subsequent order or passed on to friends, for example.

The discount code will be sent by email after purchase and can be redeemed for a new order immediately upon receipt.

The 20 euro loyalty discount code is automatically added to the shopping cart when a thread picture is purchased. This serves as a reminder for us who should receive the discount code by email. If you don't want to receive a discount code, you can delete the item from your shopping cart.

If you don't receive a discount code within one day, please check your spam folder and contact our support.

Purchasing a gift voucher does not entitle you to receive the 20 euro loyalty discount code. We also reserve the right to cancel the discount code for canceled orders. A maximum of one discount code will be sent per order, regardless of how often this item is in the shopping cart.